SHUTTERS is a casual Italian dining experience with seven locations throughout the Kanto suburbs.Enjoy a range of cuisine, including our signature spare rips and apple pie a la mode, in our comfortable space.
“Delicious Italian for everyday diners.”
Our specialty dishes are ready and waiting; Please feel to drop by anytime.


Best Recommended Specialty

We hope you’ll try our spare ribs and apple pie a la mode when you visit. These dishes are the pride of our group, and with carefully selected ingredients and painstaking preparation, they’ve been loved by our customers ever since our founding.

Spare ribs
The meat of our spare ribs, made with 100% Japanese pork, slides right off of the bone without even using a knife and fork, making them incredibly easy to eat.
Apple Paia Ramodo
Enjoy the combination of cold ice cream with made on site, piping hot apple pie made with 100% Japanese apples.


Taste all of SHUTTERS’ most popular items with our set lunch. Pasta and baked curry (plus spare ribs) set meals are also available; enjoy a refined lunchtime along with a delicious drink.
Enjoy a lighthearted Italian meal with a glass of natural wine. Great for any time, but especially recommended for special occasions like dates and anniversaries.
We have a variety of set meals available to meet your tastes and budget. Whichever plan you choose, enjoy our group’s signature dishes.


  • Jiyugaoka
  • Kichijoji
  • Kohoku new town
  • Luz Jiyugaoka
  • Futakotamagawa
  • Omotesando